Hello! :) Kumusta? Gusto kong makipagkaibigan po sa'yo. :)) Pwede ba?

oo nman pwede :) im shella 23yrs old ikaw?

Para kang dessert. Ang sweet mo sakin, ang sweet mo sa kanya, ang sweet mo sa lahat. Anong flavor ka? CREMA DE PUTA!
She hurts and she cries but you can’t see the anxiety in her eyes because she just SMILES… She is me.. :(
That awkward moment when someone doesn’t understand that you were being sarcastic
“There’s Nothing More Attractive Than A Guy Being Loyal To His Girl.”
“I will never regret the mistakes I made. Except for the good things I have done for the wrong people.”
text tayo?…pakilala lang ah :))


good morning!!… tara kape tayo…malamig na umaga :)